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Story by: Georgina Hayes The Telegraph

When Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the new Covid alert level system on Monday, the London-wide average was 78 new cases per 100,000 over that week, but the level varies widely across the capital.

Ealing in the city’s West was faring worst with 119 new cases while Bexley had the lowest number of new cases at 51.6.

There had been the suggestion of a “doughnut” system to exclude central London from Tier 2, or that restrictions be targeted at areas where rates are highest, mostly in East London.

However, it is thought that the practicalities of enforcing this meant it had been ruled out in favour of the city-wide approach, something which London councils and the Mr Khan backed. 

What tier is my area in?

The new three-tier system of increasingly tough restrictions determines local lockdowns in England, announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is an effort to simplify the patchwork of rules in place across the country.

The system – dubbed “Local Covid Alert Levels” – divides England into “medium”, “high” and “very high” risk areas depending on the current rate of Covid-19 infections – though the government has not released the exact thresholds for triggering lockdown. 

Use our interactive tool to see which tier your area falls under in England’s new system for local lockdowns following Boris Johnson’s three-tier announcement.


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