2020-10-14 18:00:22 | England vs Denmark, Uefa Nations League: live and latest updates


Story by: JJ Bull The Telegraph

It’s back! The footballers are back. That’s right, even though professional footballers are technically humans, the authorities care not for their susceptibility to injury through fatigue or the risk of flying people to different countries during a pandemic. None of these things matter when the Nations League is at stake! And as we all know, victory tonight for England will mean that… they get three points… and some pride, and stay top of the table. Is there a table? Sadly, nobody knows for sure and I’m not even convinced this a real competition. I’ve played in Pro Evo 4 tournaments on the top floor of a pub that had clearer rules.

As for the level of competitiveness, it seems clear that Gareth Southgate wants his strongest side out no matter how perilously close to injury the players might be. Eric Dier is the latest player to leave the squad, after Kieran Trippier pulled out for ‘personal reasons’.

“There is not a lot I can say about that really,” said Southgate. “It is not something which is in my control.

“I have got to focus on preparing the team with the players I have got available. We always find solutions. It is an opportunity for somebody else.

“If I lose focus on the job in hand – there are a million distractions, frankly – so this is another distraction, but it is something I have got to plough on through.”

Denmark will be up for a battle too, and nobody more than previous resident of England, Christian Eriksen.

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“It’s good to be back at Wembley and back in London,” said the ex-Spurs player. “To reach 100 is impressive, in a weird way, because it’s something you only think about when you retire.

“You want to play the next game, and the next one. When I retire, I’ll look back – but at the moment it’s just about the next one.

“You play for Denmark because you are talented and because you work for it.”

Kick off is 7:45pm, stay with us for updates and analysis throughout.


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