2020-10-12 18:11:09 | Can I meet up with friends and family, and can grandparents look after their grandchildren now?


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Here’s our complete guide to the rules of the new three-tier system

Can grandparents look after their grandchildren?

Matt Hancock has said grandparents providing informal childcare and looking after their grandchildren will be exempt from local lockdown measures. In most areas where there is a local lockdown, households are not permitted to meet other households.

The Health Secretary said: “For many, informal childcare arrangements are a lifeline without which they couldn’t do their jobs.

“I’m able to announce a new exemption for looking after children under the age of 14, or vulnerable adults, where that is necessary for caring purposes. This covers both formal and informal arrangements.

“It does not allow for play dates or parties, but it does mean that a consistent childcare relationship that is vital for somebody to get to work is allowed.”

Can grandparents hug their grandchildren?

Hugging grandparents, who are often seen as being in the vulnerable category, is still not encouraged or recommended by the government, particularly as the country sees another rise in infections. 

Although grandparents are permitted to look after their grandchildren in areas including those in a local lockdown, the rule of six still very much remains in place. All groups should adhere to social distancing guidelines.

What are the rules for meeting friends?

You can still meet friends for gatherings and social events, according to the latest government guidelines, as long as you follow the ‘rule of six’, social distancing guidelines and personal hygiene methods. 

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Can I meet friends at the pub? 

Yes, you can meet friends at the pub (if they are open in your area), but you must stick to the ‘rule of six’. Hospitality venues will not allow more than six people to sit at any one table. 

Pubs and restaurants are still being told to take down the contact details of their visitors, and are subject to the 10pm curfew across the country. 

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Can I go on holiday with friends?

Yes, simply put.

However, you cannot go on holiday with more than six people. You should not travel with people from outside your household or support bubble. If you do so, you would be breaking the law.

Maintaining social distancing and good hygiene when sharing facilities would also be necessary.

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