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England! That green and pleasant land. An inspiration to poets and painters, writers and filmmakers, from Cornwall’s rugged cliffs and golden beaches to the gentle rolling hills and honey-stone dwellings of the Cotswolds, and then again the granite fells and glassy meres of the Lake District.

And then there are the cities. Brash and energetic London is where the action is, while elegance and refinement can be readily found a two-hour train ride away in Bath – city of Georgian grandeur, Jane Austen and invigorating hot springs.

It would be an insurmountable task to catalogue all that this little country has to offer, but here, we present the essentials – the 10 starting points that everybody really ought to visit in order to see England at its very best.


Visitors flock to Yorkshire because there is no place on earth like God’s Own County. The sheer beauty of the landscape, sometimes as unexpected as a dilapidated mill chimney stabbing up through a leaden sky, has inspired generations of painters: from John Atkinson Grimshaw’s moonscapes to the Victorian artists of the Staithes Group to David Hockney’s Yorkshire Wolds. It boasts three national parks, a wild and rugged coastline, and wonderful Victorian architecture, not least the preserved terraced streets and mills of the World Heritage Site of Saltaire.

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