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Story by: Ashley Kirk The Telegraph

The coronavirus pandemic has reached most corners of the country, infecting more than 590,840 Britons and killing more than 42,700 people.

After a nationwide lockdown that lasted almost four months, many restrictions on daily life were lifted on July 4.

However, the Government’s strategy has now turned to focus on local lockdowns, targeting areas which have suffered outbreaks. On June 30, Leicester became the first UK city to be plunged back into lockdown. Other areas including Greater Manchester, Birmingham, Bradford, Blackburn, Preston, Bolton and Caerphilly have had new restrictions introduced.

As of Monday September 14, social gatherings of more than six people are illegal in England. The new rules follow a surge in Covid-19 infections.

More than 24.6 million tests for Covid-19 have been processed in the UK and the Government’s plan to tackle the pandemic involves a number of gradual phases, but experts warn there could be a second wave on the horizon, particularly as infection rates have been rising across Europe. 

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Public Health England release a daily update on how many confirmed cases of coronavirus there are in each English local authority.

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