2020-10-10 18:24:00 | North Korea military parade suggests Trump’s strategy may not be paying off


Story by: Yahoo News

During a pre-dawn military parade Saturday, North Korea unveiled what appeared to be a new intercontinental ballistic missile that’s larger than any the country has rolled out before. The display was widely seen as an example of how President Trump’s approach to denuclearization talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un — which have fluctuated between intimidation and cordiality — haven’t panned out over the years.

Arms control experts have said the images of the missile suggest it’s big enough to carry multiple warheads, or perhaps a large thermonuclear one, but it’s unclear if the ICBM is actually just for show since there’s no indication it’s been tested.

Either way, the unveiling appears to be a bold move that signals Kim wants to strengthen his nuclear arsenal amid stalled negotiations with Trump, though it will likely be considered less provocative because of the choice to reveal the weapons system during a parade rather than conducting an actual test.

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