Published On: Thu, Oct 11th, 2018

Stephen Roach says the Fed is not hiking fast enough

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In contrast to President Trump who wants the Fed to stop hiking, (says the Fed is … actual words used by the Prez … crazy, loco, going wild

Anyway, back to Roach, ex of Morgan Stanley now at Yale:

  • “Supply chains have been a major force holding down global and U.S. inflation, and they are being unwound by tariffs on China”
  • Those tariffs will hit China-centric supply chains
  • revision to NAFTA will raise the price of North American vehicle costs
  • 30-year low in the unemployment rate is finally leading to wage pressure and that will pose problems for earnings in an overvalued stock market
The report is on CNBC, here is the link where there is more, worth reading through 

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